Wonderfully busy..

This month of October is always one of my favourite months of the year and here’s why…

First, although it is the fall already, we really have had some fantastic warm days to enjoy and of course be outdoors a lot. (Which we have to appreciate before Canada’s harsh winter is upon us)

In the beginning of October was my birthday. Yes, I celebrated my 36th birthday this year. I am the last one in my family to enjoy a birthday. My hubby’s was in March, My son’s in April and my daughter’s was in July.

So now it was my turn. The four of us went out for a delicious supper and my hubby really spoiled me lots, including by cooking, cleaning and washing up dishes for me. 

This last weekend, was Canada’s Thanks giving long weekend.  I had some friends over and cooked yummy soup and turkey and we had pumpkin pie for desert. It was awesome. We also spent a wonderful day yesterday at Unionville. Unionville is a lovely quaint area in Markham Ontario. It has kept a lot of Canada’s history and is lovely to see. There were a couple of jazz bands playing and there is a lovely big park where people can have picnics or go for very long walks and enjoy nature (which is what we did). Of course we had to finish the day with Unionville’s delicious ice-cream that they sell there. 

Another thing that I love about October is that the leaves change colours on all the trees and it looks absolutely spectacular.

It’s hard to believe that it is already the middle of October and next of course we have my children’s most favourite celebration at the end of the month, Halloween. 

So, October is always a busy month but for wonderful things and that ‘s why I love October so much.


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Busy like bees

Last week end my mom came up from Florida to visit for 5 days.

Although a very short visit, it was wonderful to see her and the kids adore her so they were so grateful to spend some time with their grandma. I guess one must not look at the quantity but the quality of time we spent together. 

On Saturday night we took her and the kids and my sister and her children went to a wonderful Italian restaurant for dinner, the food is the best and very reasonably priced.

It was also our New Year this past week, so while mom was here we had two nights of New Year Celebration and tons of food and eating. It was great though and enjoyed by all. 

Mom returned to Florida yesterday and the kids went back to school and we went back to work. It has been a really busy but fabulous week. It’s probably one of the few times that my family and I don’t mind feeling tired as we approach the end of the week again, as this time it’s feeling tired from having a fantastic week

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Are we perfect, yes we are!

As we all know that being a mom is rewarding, tiring, exciting and sometimes a bit stressful. Whether our children are babies, toddlers, kids, pre-teens or teens. Every stage has its rewards as well as challenges.

You are a mom 24/7 always trying to please your kids. It is our job to make sure that they have clean clothes that they are happy, managing at school, understand their homework, attending activities, eating proper food and so the list goes on. We all know that the balancing act is not easy and for those of us that work, it’s really a mission trying to keep it all together. 

It can all seem very overwhelming at times. Even though there are days where we just feel like things are falling a part, I have decided that we are all perfect moms. The fact that we cope with so much and yes, generally keep it altogether, that proves we are perfect moms. 

So a big cheers to all of us moms, for the great job that we do.


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Blue Monday, Blue Week…

It started off on Monday with all us of feeling incredibly tired and after a late night Sunday night from a family function. Kids went to school miserable, tired and grumpy and we worked on Monday feeling very tired. I then developed a horrible cold as the day went on. We ate take out for dinner as I couldn’t handle the thought of cooking. 

Tuesday I woke up and the cold seemed worse. The kids felt a bit better and went to school. At the end of the school day I get a call from the school to say my son is sick and throwing up. Oh No! I called a friend in desperation who got my kids home. My son was sick both ways until 10pm. My cold had worsened and I felt rotten. Luckily hubby and Princess T were OK. My boy managed to sleep it off. 

On Wednesday he felt better but still stayed home to make sure it was completely over, I felt horrible and a lot worse. At 1.00pm I cancelled work for the day and went lie down in bed. Two minutes later my son came running into the room, mom, it’s the school my daughter is sick. I brought my daughter home and just didn’t feel like I could manage much more of it. 

Luckily by today, I am feeling a tiny bit better, still have to work but I don’t feel as bad as yesterday. The kids returned to school today, so I a hoping that I will not get any more calls fro the school today..

It’s been a rough week but hopefully it will improve from the weekend.




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Sleepy heads…

Last night we had a family function to go to. I really don’t like it when they make these things at the beginning of the school year. Although it was fun and we all had a good time, this morning both hubby and I are the two kids are feeling pretty sleepy.

Hubby and I can get through a day of work feeling sleepy. I feel like a cruel mom but let the kids sleep as long as they could and then sent them to school. Princess T who is only 7, seemed to be fine but my boy who is 10 was very very grumpy and cross. You are probably all thinking what a cruel mom I am for sending them to school today but I really feel that this time of year when the school year has just begun, it is crucial. Anyway I guess they will survive a day of being tired and have a really really early early night tonight.

I guess the moral of the story is, next time the family makes a function at this time of year on a Sunday night, pay for a babysitter, it’s worth it.



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The first week back at school..

We all survived the first week back to school. There always is that bit of anxiety both for patents and children. This year my children are in grade 5 and grade 2. So far they both seem to be happy with their new teachers and my daughter is slowly making some new friends. It seems to be easier for the younger ones to make new friends but the older they get, they really tend want their comfort zones and familiarities. One cannot blame them as there are lot of adults that don’t enjoy change. It took awhile for all of us to settle in last week and for me to reshuffle my own home, work and children’s school schedule. I think I’ve mastered pretty well. The key to everything is to remain calm and not make issues about the small stuff.



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I’m Back

I am back to blogging after a fantastic and busy summer.  July and August were wonderful months. It was a great break both for the kids and myself from the regular routine, school lunches and homework routine. Obviously, I still worked throughout the summer but managed to take some wonderful breaks. 

This year we bought wonderland passes for Canada’s amusement park. It was well worth buying them and we spent a lot of time at Wonderland, the kids had a ball on all the different rides and sometimes when we were there, we also went to the water park. It was really fun to have had the passes to use this year. 

We also went to Ottawa at the end of July. Ottawa is a fabulous place to visit. We did some wonderful historic tours, and also went to some fantastic museums there. I think they have the best museums in the world. We did a lot of walking but learnt so many interesting things about Canada’s history. 

I have just returned from Chicago, which I went for my nieces wedding. It was a lovely break for me to have by myself too. Sometimes mom’s need a break too. 

Today is the start of getting back into routine. Our school year began today again. My 10 year old son went into grade 5 and my 7 year old daughter went into grade two. I feel positive about the school year ahead. and although I never thought I’d admit it, I am positive about getting back to regular routine, including overseeing homework and making school lunches each day again.


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Summer Time.

I haven’t forgotten my fellow bloggers but just wanted to let you know things are busy and wonderful at the moment. My kids are still on summer vacation. They are really having a wonderful time. They have been relaxing and doing their own thing for a change and helping me in my daycare. Last week they spent a wonderful week of camp. Summer camps are so expensive but I did fine a more reasonable one to send them to and they both had an amazing time.

I am truly loving the break and not worrying about overseeing homework and school activities as well as all the other exhausting activities that take place in the school year. I am also enjoying the break of making school lunches every evening.

We are having wonderful weekends. We have spent time downtown Toronto at the Harbour front which has had great markets to got o and we found a new small beach. We have also gone downtown to the Kensington market and have loved having real Italian ice cream at “Little Italy”

We have spent lots of time at Canada’s wonderland. The children have loved all the different rides and the other day we had fun at the water park and wave pool.

So, things are busy but great and next week we are all taking a small vacation for a few days, which I will tell you all about after we return.

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Taking a little break

Just a short note that I’ve been taking a little blogging break.

Things have been so busy and crazy this end.

I will get back with some new and exciting stories very soon.



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Schools out.

Today is the last day of the school year. When we get to the end of the year, it just seems as though the year flew away. My children will be on vacation for two months now and then on September 2nd they will be going into grade 2 and grade 5.Two months sounds like a long time but it really goes very quickly. My children work very hard in the school year and are in a very strict and rigid routine in the school year that in the summer I am more than happy to let them relax, have fun and enjoy being kids. Summer camp is very expensive, so they will only be going to camp for a short period of time and the rest of the time they will be staying with me and my daycare that I work with and my hubby and I are taking time off in the summer too. So it will be a great summer.

I always feel a little emotional at this time of year as I watch how much my children grow, mature and blossom during the school year. Both my children and I also have had a wonderful relationship with their teachers and I am always quite sad to say goodbye at the end of the year. So far this year as for the weather, it has been terrible, we have had so much rain and so many lighting storms and after a really hard winter of tons of snow, I am really wishing for some sunny days. Anyway hopefully it will get better and my kids will have a chance to ride their bikes and go to the park and fun things like that.

I would like to wish all the bloggers and their children a wonderful and safe summer. Make the most of the outdoors.

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